China Suppository filling and sealing production line

China Suppository filling and sealing production line

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Liaoning bright shine machinery&equipment co.,ltd
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Liaoning Bright Shine Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd 
China bright shine international trade co., ltd main manufactures all kinds of pharmaceutical machinery, packing machinery, printing machinery, analysis instrument,water treatment equipment. Our machinery has been exported to Russia, Chile, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria. South Korea more thirty countries and also we has enough professional pharmaceutical experience and design capability.
Our equipment is widely used in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, electronic, hospital, cosmetic industries and has good reputation from many customer. We are making some foreign sole agency in some country tomarket our company machinery and equipment. We confirm that we will 
supply good sale-service to any customer. etc.
SKYPE: phar_machinery 

Technical characteristic  
1 .using inset filling ,accurate in position , non-dribbling drug , non-hanging wall , high precise in counting. 
2 .be wide in suitability, can be used to fill high gluing degree gelatin group and the traditional Chinese medicine ware. 
3 . using PLC written formula control and industry grade person-machine inerface operation, possessing characteristics of high degree automatization\ convenience in adjustment\ high precise thermo-control\ reliability in action and steady in running etc.
4 .having big volume storing fluid vessel, laying homeothermia\ stirring and fluid surface autocontrol assembly. 
5.relieving worker's physical labor strength for lower position of filling drug fluid, laying cycling to supply fluid and keeping thermo equipment of channel pathways, and it will ensure drug fluid not be coagulated when machine stop. 
6 .small area occupied  easy to operate. 
Technical parameter  
production  6000 -10000granulations per hour 
dosage per granulation  1-5g per granulation (also can be made special qualification )
BKD # 206092

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