China Top Quality Acrylic Paint Epoxy Prime Hardener

China Top Quality Acrylic Paint Epoxy Prime Hardener

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Guangzhou Strong Chemical Co., Ltd.
Yongfu road,No.35,yuexu district,Guangzhou,CN, guangzhou, China, China
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Characteristic: Special hardener for Expoxy primer,very fast hardening,good adhesive ability				
Match with	"Epoxy primerGN-6101 GN-6102 GN-6103 
Thinner:GN-901fast drying /GN-902  standard/GN-903 slow drying GN-5100"			
"Mixing Ratio
by volume"	"Expoxy Primer:3 parts
hardener GN-701 1 part
Thinner 1-2parts"			
Viscosity	30±10S/25C			
 Using	mix with paint,and add thinner to mix			
Remarks	can not mix with other primer and topcoat			
Shelf Life	2 years since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place			
Packaging	"1Lx10 tins/ctn

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BKD # 752520
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