China YDX-800 Hydraulic Hoist lifter of pharmaceutical machinery

China YDX-800 Hydraulic Hoist lifter of pharmaceutical machinery

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YDX-800 hydraulic hoist can be used in combination with major preparation machines such as pulverizes, granulators, mixers, tablet machines and capsule stowing machines. It can optimize technological process, effectively prevent flying dust and cross contamination, reduce labor intensity and raise working efficiency. It is an ideal machine for pharmaceutical plants to realize GMP production. 
Functions and characteristics:
1.      The external surface of the machine is made of stainless steel hairline plates resistant against light pollution. The lifting arm groove, treated for curtain type separation, has a life appearance. 
2.      This machine adopts a combination of electrical and hydraulic control and has a steady and reliable performance. Equipped with a rocker operating system, it is easily and flexibly operated. It can be locked automatically at any height so as to meet different requirements in the production. 
3.      This machine has an oil reservoir for hydraulic leakage so that clean areas are not polluted due to hydraulic leakage.
4.      The hydraulic loop of the machine has an automatic pressure hold function, so that even in case of power breakdown, the lifting arm can still stay at its original position. In case of pressure drop due to hydraulic leakage, there will be an automatic alarm. The machine will automatically start pressure increase and maintain the position of the lifting arm without damaging other equipment, thus ensuring safety in production.
Main technical parameters:
Model  YDX-800 
Power (kw) 1.5 
Rotating angle (°) 0-270 
Max. net load (kg) 800 
Lifting speed (mm/min) 1500 
Vertical rise (mm) Depending on actual need of the user  
Equipment weight (kg) 900
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