chinese handmade embroidery insoles

chinese handmade embroidery insoles

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we are a manufactory of china and our products are handmade cut pile insoles, handmade embroidery insoles, handmade cross-stitch insoles, handmade embroidered patch insoles, machine embroidery insoles,machinemade cut pile insoles,embroidery crafts,folk crafts,etc.

we are very sincere with you in the hope that the establishment of trade relations between the insole and other chinese folk crafts.

Our products are 100% cotton products, adhesives use of natural starch, is a pure "green products", in line with current market demand.

the following are our cotton insoles selling points:

1, natural materials, without any chemical composition, there is no harm to humans.

2, crafts as the same time, practicality is also high, with cotton insoles absorb ,sweat anti-smell, foot protection, the role of massage the soles of the feet, we can even add in the insoles of various traditional Chinese medicine to treat some foot Diseases, such products are in the development stage.

3, the cut pile insoles production process is the most complex, but wearing comfort is the best, a pair of insoles qualified cut pile insoles like stamping on the wear on the carpet feel. Especially in cold weather wet season, can show the advantages of cotton insoles.

4, cleaning care very convenient, can be cleaned in the washing machine. and disinfection, only need a few hours of sunlight

5, we are the first company passed by Global Sources confirmed for embroidery insole manufacturers, and in global sources, we are the only one gold member in embroidery insoles. we do that is to demonstrate that we are a truly professional production of pure natural materials manufacturers insoles

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