chip resetter for Epson pro 3800/3850 maintenace tank

chip resetter for Epson pro 3800/3850 maintenace tank

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.QE-589 chip resetter  is suitable for Epson stylus pro 3800/3850 maintenace tank 
The installation instruction about the chip resetter as follows: 
1 The best way is that prepare two pcs maintenace tanks  when you used our QE-589 chip resetter. 
Because the 3800/3850 printer can be record the date and the ink level when you used the maintenace tank.If you use two maintenace tank,the second maintenace tank can renew the ink level,. 
so the installation instruction for maintenace tank as follows: 
1)when the first maintenace tank's  ink level is low,you can use our QE-589 chip resetter to reset it,then the ink level will be reset high. 
2) put the second maintenace tank  into the 3800/3850 printer,the second maintenace tank date and ink level will be record by the 3800/3850 printer .The first maintenace tank date record has been removed. 
3)when the second maintenace tank  is low,you can put the resetted first maintenace tank  into the 3800/3850printer.The maintenace tank  can be work.

2)Or you can use the  "C" colore original cartridge chip . 
First,you should take out the maintenace tank chip when the level is down,then reset the maintenace tank chip. 
Second,install the "C"colore original cartridge chip to the mainteance tank,then put it into the printer,the printer will be remarked that is error. 
Third,take out the maintenace tank off the printer,then take out the "C" chip and install the resetted chip , 
Finally ,install  the resetted  maintenace tank into the printer.The resetted maintenace tank will be work again.

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