classic wall mounted split air conditioner

classic wall mounted split air conditioner

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Strong cool
Equipped with compressors and motors made by renowned manufacturers; able to bring along a cool experience to you at the quickest speed.

Sleep mode
Under the refrigerating mode, when you set the air-conditioner at its sleep function, the temperature will rise for twice as the indoor temperature drops (inversely under the heating mode). This function ensures you to have a sound sleep, without suffering an under-cooling or over-heating experience at night.

Two-direction airflow (cooling & heating only)
As the cold air indoors is prone to fall down, and the hot air indoors is easily likely to rise, TCL air-conditioners send cold wind upwards and hot wind downwards, thus to guarantee the entire space at your home to be cooled or heated evenly (of course, you can control the wind blowing direction via the remote controller).

Easy-clean panel & filters
After being used for a certain period of time, the filter shall be cleansed. The face plates and filter of various kinds of TCL air-conditioners are all easy to dismantle and cleanse. You can clean the dust accumulated on the panel and filter by use of clean water quite easily, to restore a clean appearance of your air conditioner.
*For your information: period to cleansing, be sure that you have switched off the air conditioner; when dismantling the panel, please refer to the users' manual.

Quiet operation
Both the indoor and outdoor units are designed with a consummate operating mechanism (i.e. Sound insulating cotton for the compressor, and lower-noisr motor), which minimizes their noises, so as to allow you to enjoy a cooled-down living space, despite of the sizzling heat outside.

Auto restart function
After being turned off or in case of an accidental power cut, TCL air-conditioners are able to retain and restore the temperature and other settings, until being turned on or the power supply is resumed.

Independent dehumidification
The independent dehumidifying function is able to keep your clothes dry even if the weather gets humid, thus freeing you from worries.

Low voltage startup
Designed with a wide voltage range, TCL air conditioners are able to work normally even if the voltage between 187~240 volts.

Luminant display (optional)
We provide multiple kinds of LED indicators on the remote controller for your free option.

Flexible wiring connection
The terminal block makes the cable connecting flexible and easy.

Soft-starter kit (optional)
The starting current can be limited within 45A by the soft-starter kit, which is particularly designed for some countries such as Australia.

Telephone remote control system (optional)
TCL's telephone remote wireless control system allows you to control the air conditioner at anytime and anywhere by connecting the wireless controller to your home phone.

Large LED displa

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