Clay ceramsite production line

Clay ceramsite production line

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Clay ceramsite, is a kind of atificial particles of a ceramic texture. Clay, loam, etc. as the main raw materials, through granulation processing, burning swelling ,become more than 5mm diameter light coarse aggregate known as the clay ceramsite. Ceramic clay has the nature of economic and practical, energy-saving environmental protection, with lightweight, high strength, low water absorption, thermal insulation, antifreeze and corrosion characteristics , therefor a large number are used in the preparation of high-rise building structure concrete, roof slope, thermal insulation, sewage disposal, landscaping, soilless culture and other fields.

Clay ceramsite product features:
1.clay ceramsite has uniform material filter, high strength. surface of multi-micro-empty. Internal network arranged in a crisscross pattern is not easy to form board, has the very strong adsorption, long service life.
2.Clay ceramic filter packing density is appropriate, filter layer gap is evenly distributed, easy to backwash with low backwash consumption, using a small amount of water, head loss is small, aging film easily off is not easy to bet the plug, do not run the backwash materials. Overcome the shortcomings of the backwash difficulty controlling and running the material.
3.Adopt good aggregate grading system with good dirt holding capacity, and high utilization rate of filter materail. Waterhead increases slow, long operation cycle, large water production.

Ceramic clay, generally use the plasticity process, the process is as follows:
The process of plasticity is applicable to clay and clayey raw materials.
First Process: clay-plastics, homogenization- roller granulating - roasting - cooling -finished product
Second Process: raw material mixing - granulation - Filter - sintered - piled up - transportation (bagging)
Process one and process two has the same proces,and in the operation should be noted the look-out, to prevent the material in the kiln agglomerate ,affecting the quality.

Clay Ceramic sand production and processing equipment:
The main equipment of the production of lightweight ceramsite include: raw material storage bins, dust chamber, induced draft fan, the main kiln, coal injection system, control cabinet and so on. And raw materials position in the lower part of the feeders, the kiln speed and amount of arch coal are variable speed, in order to adjust the process parameters to get the maximum yield under the premise of ensuring product quality.
Auxiliary equipment for the production of clay lightweight aggregates: wheel grinding machine, dual-axis mixer, granulators, screening machine, the feeding belt conveyor.

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