Clay powder production machinery

Clay powder production machinery

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Industrial clay pits mainly refer to kaolin, bentonite clay mineral (mainly composed of montmorillonite), activated clay (variable components). Clay is a moisture content of aluminum silicate product, and generated from rocks containing feldspar and other rocks of the earth's crust after the role of long-term weathering and geological, distributed widely in nature, a wide range of abundance, is a valuable natural resources. The clay has fine particles, plasticity, good combinability, thixotropy excessive, suitable contraction , higher refractoriness and other process performance. In order to expand the application, clay pits always need grinding. And we recommend raymond mill as clay powder mill.

Clay mill performance characteristics:
1. Unique design. In the grinding chamber, 1500kg-2000kg pressure device is designed on the top of plum shelves. Under the same power, output increased by 10-30%, the grinding device grinding pressure of the material improve 800-1500kgf , fineness finest up to 1000 mesh.
2. Materials applicability can focus on the Mohs hardness of 9.3 different types of materials.
3. the effect of dust removal fully meet the state standards.
4. Roller device with high quality and efficient process, overlapping multi-level seal to ensure a good seal.
5. Roll grinding, grinding ring replacement cycle is long, excluding the ills of centrifugal mill consumable parts replacement short cycle .
6. Grinding device using overlapping multi-level seal, good sealing performance.

Clay powder processing line
Clay mineral can not be directly placed inside the mill direct milling. It requires simple processing equipment on the original ore. The entire system include jaw crusher, blower, the analytical Engine (the powder), plumbing fixtures, finished cyclone, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric control motor, the large bulk materials by jaw crusher broken into the required particle size, then by the hoist , materials sent to the storage hopper, then through vibrating feeder uniform quantitative continuously into the grinding room for grinding, the powder after grinding by sub-fan airflow brought away. After classification by analysis machine, the powder that meets the fineness with the air flow through the pipeline into the big cyclone collector for separation collection, and then refined powder is discharged from the pollen tube.

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