Clean room phone  SPQ-S-MT7

Clean room phone SPQ-S-MT7

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The SPQ-S-MT7 embedded telephones are widely used in operating rooms, laboratories, pharmaceutical plants, clean workshop, panel PE film and stainless steel technology, the surface is completely flat, waterproof and dustproof cleaning sterilization, hands-free walkie-talkie style, without hook by hand to avoid contact with pollution.

1, Automatic answer phone and hang up2, a group of switch signal output 3, Call clear voice, loud voice, no feedback squeaking4, extension 1 built-in speakers, can broadcast 5, The ultrathin lightweight appearance, wall design6, keypad LED

Product features
Function1, automatic dial function. Press the button, three seconds will automatically connect you to the designated telephone number.2, the machine can lock the keyboard can dial a local or long distance phone.3, call time limit, after a specified time, automatic on-hook, limit length determined by the customer4, a switch quantity output signal, linkage with the alarm, monitoring

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