CNC Machine for Angle Punching Cutting and Marking Line

CNC Machine for Angle Punching Cutting and Marking Line

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Jinan Fast CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and exporter of CNC machines in China for many years. 

We have exported our cnc machines to Russia,India,Indonesia,Jordan and so on.

CNC Automatic Production Line For Marking, Punching And Shearing Of Angles 
Technical Data: 
1. Angle size: 40 x 40 x 3-200 x 200 x 20 
2. Max. punching capability (D x T): 26 x 20 
3. Max. drilling diameter: 40 
4. Punching nominal force (KN): 1000 
5. Marking nominal force (KN): 1000 
6. Cutting nominal force (KN): 1500 
7. Max. workpiece length (m): 14 
8. Adjustment range of stadim (mm): 20-220 (Stepless) 
9. Punchers number in each side: 3 
10. Drill bit number in each side: 3 11. Marking groups: 4 
12. Dimension of character: 14 x 10 
13. Shearing mode: double-blade cutting 
14. Axes number: 5 
15. Infeed speed (m/min): 40 
16. Stroke of drilling main spindle (mm): 140 
17. Speed of drilling main spindle (r/min): 180-560 (Stepless) 

Technical Charecteristics: 
1. Integrateded machine with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic elements; 
2. Numerical controlling, servo motor feeding; 
3. Infinite gaugelines and no limits of the hole rows; 
4. Imported electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic elements; 
5. Easy programming, connectable with data files generated directly by copying the specimen; 
6. Diagrammatic display of workpiece; 
7. Adapted to angles with great bending deflection; 

1. Rigid and compact structure 
2. High productivity with automatic marking, punching, cutting off and stacking operations; 
3. High meterial utilization with optimum pattering; 
4. Low labour working strength and high precision of workpieces. Function: Punching, marking, shearing

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