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We are a proffessional company for manufacturing the automatic process and production lines and devices for shaped sections and plates.

CNC Automatic Production Line For Marking, Punching/Drilling And Shearing Of Angles

Technical Data:
1. Angle size: 63 x 63 x 4 -250 x 250 x 32
2. Max. punching capability (D x T): 26 x 20
3. Max. drilling diameter: 40
4. Punching nominal force (KN): 1000
5. Marking nominal force (KN): 1000
6. Cutting nominal force (KN): 1500
7. Max. workpiece length (m): 14
8. Adjustment range of stadim (mm): 20-220 (Stepless)
9. Punchers number in each side: 3
10. Drill bit number in each side: 3
11. Marking groups: 4
12. Dimension of character: 14 x 10
13. Shearing mode: double-blade cutting
14. Axes number: 5
15. Infeed speed (m/min): 40
16. Stroke of drilling main spindle (mm): 140
17. Speed of drilling main spindle (r/min): 180-560 (Stepless)

Technical Charecteristics:
1. Integrateded machine with mechanical, electrical and hydraulic elements;
2. Numerical controlling, servo motor feeding;
3. Infinite gaugelines and no limits of the hole rows;
4. Imported electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic elements;
5. Easy programming, connectable with data files generated directly by copying the specimen;
6. Diagrammatic display of workpiece;
7. Adapted to angles with great bending deflection;

1. Rigid and compact structure
2. High productivity with automatic marking, punching, cutting off and stacking operations;
3. High meterial utilization with optimum pattering;
4. Low labour working strength and high precision of workpieces.

Function: Punching, marking, shearing

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