Coal ash ceramsite production line

Coal ash ceramsite production line

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Ceramsite is processed at a certain temperature, the raw materials react chemically to release gas, resulting in pores and expansion , after cooling into the light porous and a certain intensity of sphere or spherical silicates , particle size of which vary from 1mm to 10mm. Ceramsite according to raw materials are divided into: ceramic clay, shale ceramic, fly ash ceramic . Now also began to use the solid waste incineration residue as raw material Ceramisite. Ceramic clay raw materials can be clay sediments of rivers and all sorts of cleared sludge in wastewater treatment plant. Shale ceramsite raw materials contain coal gangue, limestone and other tail ore. Fly ash ceramic materials is mainly  powdery dust of thermal power plant.

Fly Ash Ceramsite application:
Fly Ash Ceramsite is used in the production of fly ash ceramic hollow concrete block. Using ceramsite for aggregate, pottery sand or volcanic ash slag for the accessories, cement and additives for adhesives, can be made into the mixed non-weight bearing or load-bearing hollow block products. Not only light weight, good insulation, Fly Ash Aggregate concrete shrinkage and frost resistance can meet the national standards system. The pulverized ceramisite instead of ordinary stones preparation of lightweight aggregate concrete, has been widely used in high-rise buildings, bridge beams, underground construction and other projects, both to reduce the epidermal density of the concrete, and improve the thermal insulation of concrete, fire-resistant, frost resisting, anti-doped , seismic and other properties. Fly Ash Aggregate strength of concrete are usually larger, more applicable to the preparation of high-strength lightweight aggregate concrete, the production of Fly Ash Aggregate concrete composite roof and wall pull. Fly Ash Aggregate concrete composite roof has advantages of good heat insulation performance, simple structure, easy construction, and is an excellent internal wall materials.

Coal Fly Ash Ceramsite preparation process:
1. raw material processing
Should be carried out  wet ash dewatering in order to control the moisture content of the raw materials and clay should be dried and broken ,during the process should adjust the carbon content of ash ,clear about the other impurities in the raw materials.
2. raw material measurement
A variety of raw materials used in the base quality measurement, the measurement accuracy of ± 5%, otherwise it will affect the expansion of the lightweight aggregates performance and quality.
3. mixing
Fly ash, binder are put into the mixer for stirring , uniformly adding amount of water to make material moisture up to 20 % so as to make materials achieve required granulation plasticity.
4. granulation into a ball
5. sintering
Sintering technology adopts oncefiring, sintering time of 1 hour, the firing temperature of 1200-1300 degrees Celsius.
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