Coal Gangue Ceramsite Production Line

Coal Gangue Ceramsite Production Line

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Coal gangue is discharged in the mining process as waste rock with less content of black carbon, and is the largest solid waste emissions. Its emissions and the accumulation not only takes up a lot of arable land, also has caused a lot of pollution on the surface, the atmosphere. The gangue chemical composition is similar to clay , gangue containing higher carbon and sulfur, loss on ignition. Only in a certain temperature range , can produce a sufficient number of suitable viscosity of molten material that has the expansion properties. According to its characteristics, our company has developed the the coal gangue ceramsite.

Coal gangue ceramsite sand
Gangue ceramic sand is made of the gangue that meet burned expansion requirements, through the process of grinding, ingredients, pre-wet, mixing, granulation (outside kiln or inside kiln granulation),then directly imported to double barrel rotary kiln for calcination. By adjustment of formula and calcination temperature, time, it can not only produce ultra-light ceramsite, but also can produce the common ceramics and high strength ceramsite with high product quality, mature and feasible production technology. 
When select gangue for ceramsite production, shoud pay attention to their chemical composition, at the same time should ensure its carbon content. Production of ultra-light ceramsite, the optimum carbon content is of 1.0% -1.8%; if it does not meet basic requirements such as chemical composition, you should add the appropriate amount of admixture. For example, the carbon content is high or low, should adjust proportion of spontaneous combustion coal gangue and non-(semi) spontaneous combustion coal gangue ingredients or add proper auxiliary materials (silt, shale, fly ash, etc.) in order to ensure product quality and stability of normal production.

Gangue ceramic sand production line process:
Rotary kiln method is the preferred plan for gangue ceramisite production. Selection of appropriate chemical composition and carbon content of coal gangue, by homogenization, crushing, grinding, import the intermediate storage bunker, with addition of a small amount of admixtures (powder, expansion of good gangue unworthy plus admixtures) when ingredients at the end of the bunker, through pre-wet, mixing, then into the pellet granulation machine (disc granulation machine or extrusion granulation machines, etc.), raw material ball directly import binoculars rotary kiln for drying, preheating, calcination, and finally unloading from kiln head is coal gangue ceramsite of ball shape .

Rotary kiln method advantage:
The main advantages of the rotary kiln method is good product quality ceramsite, smaller pore size difference. By adjusting distribution , the recipe and calcination temperature, time, it can both produce ultra-light the ceramsite [bulk density is less than or equal to 500kg/m3, absorbent rate less than or equal to 12%), and produces ordinary ceramisite (500kg/m3-700kg/m3, water absorp
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