Coarse Grinding Hammer mill

Coarse Grinding Hammer mill

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Hammer mill is a machine whose purpose is to shred or crush aggregate material into smaller pieces. This kind of feed hammer mill is mainly used for grinding raw materials for livestock and poultry. It can also be used for grass and pharmacy fine grinding. The raw materials include corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, etc.

The Features of Coarse Grinding Hammer mill
1.The grinding chamber is tear-circle shape, which can effectively eliminating the circular flow in grinding process and gain higher capacity.
2. The bottom of grinding chamber is equipped with U-shape double grinding structure. It can improve the capacity with evener grinding fineness.
3. The machine has stable performance and is widely used in large and medium sized feed factories.
4. New type S shape coupling directly connecting driving results in big offset travel and effectively avoid the heating of bearing.
5. Beater blade edge is vacuum-welded by special alloy steel, resulting in long service life. 
6. We have many kinds of screen cloth specification for you to choose. We also adopt quick starting door opening machinery and elastic screen pressing mechanism, so that you can change the screen easily. The operation and maintain are also convenient.

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