coffee packing machine

coffee packing machine

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Technical Specifications: 

1. Name: Automatic back sealing granule packing machine

2. Model: GH240BK 

3. Artical: Granule 

4. Measuring range: 1-300ml 

5. Measuring method: Volume/Measuring cup 

6. Size of bag: L20-170mm W15-150mm 

7. Capacity: 40-80bags/min 

8. Controlling style: PLC +English interface 

9. Main motor power: 370W 

10. Power supply: AC380V 50Hz/ AC220V 50Hz 

11. Diemension: 600*600*1600mm 

12. Weight: 165Kg 

13. Material of bag/film: paper/polyethylene;cellophane/polyethylene; 
plated aluminum/polyethylene;BOPP/polyethylene;nylon/polyethylene 

14. Sealing style: Pillow sealing 


Automatic accomplish measuring,making bags,filling,sealing,cutting, 
printing codes and making easy tearing notches.It's widely used in packing granule,such as sugar,salt,coffee,washing powder,peanuts etc.
BKD # 196909

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