Comb type dehumidifier plastic machinery

Comb type dehumidifier plastic machinery

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Honeycomb desiccant dryer features:
1.High performance: unique special manufacturing method, the zeolite adhesion to the substrate interior.
2.Can obtain the lowest temperature,the air of the low temperature can be obtained: available ultra-small temperature air from -70 ° C to -80 degrees
3. Easily from the high temperature of the air dehumidified: and other hygroscopic agents, the adsorption capacity was also good at 100 degrees.
4.The low temperature air also may be further dehumidification: at the low temperature of the high pressure air or the like, suction temperature is relatively high, ultra-low-temperature air can be obtained.
5.Simple maintenance: hygroscopic agent using zeolite, does not cause deliquescence phenomenon like LICL Baptist Ze-. Zeolites are crystalline stability of the pore structure, adsorption deterioration, the availability of long-term stability and ultra-low-temperature air.
6 Washable reusable: When the dust settles on the water washed.

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