component mounting machine

component mounting machine

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Applicable PCB: 20mm*20mm~400mm*360mm
Placement head quantity: 2
Max mounting capability: 7000 PCS/h
Positioning accuracy: ±0.025mm
Applicable Components: 0402-5050,SOP, QFN, IC
Components supply configuration: Tape reel, bulk package (IC)
Tape width: 8mm, 12mm, 16mm
Feeders: 28
External Dimension: L 980mm×W 655mm×H 285mm
Vacuum pump: -92KPA (Mute type pump)
Vacuum pump quantity: 3 (Built-in)
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz (convertible to 110V)
Average working power: 100W
G.W: 67KG  (N.W: 35KG)
Packing size: L 112cm×W 81cm×H 47cm
BKD # 620125
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