Concrete Admixtures

Concrete Admixtures

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Concrete admixtures our company is a professional Concrete admixture supplier and we have almost all types of Concrete admixture, such as Water Reducer, Air Entraining Admixture, Waterproof Admixture, Antifreeze, Expansion Admixture, Early Strength Agent, Non-explosive demolition agent and Accelerator etc.

Early Strength Agent
Early strength agent is of early strength, reinforcement, plastification, water-reduction and freeze-resistance functions to concrete. It can improve early strength of concrete greatly, shorten maintenance time of concrete, increase turnover rate of formwork and prefabrication site by a large margin and improve physical mechanical performance of concrete synthetically.

Technical features: (according with standard of concrete admixture GB8076-1997)
1. Pale yellow powder.
2. A remarkable result of early strength and reinforcement. To mix the agent 3% under standard maintaining condition, concrete strength increases 40-60% at 1day, 30-50% at 3 days, 5-15% at 28 days than base concrete.
3. Improving workability, anti-permeability and durability of concrete.
4. There is no chloride in agent, so it does not corrode reinforcing bar.

Uses: As a non-chloride admixture with fine adaptability of cement, it is suitable for prefabrication and concrete pouring in industry, civil, water conservancy and traffic constructions and can be constructed at -5 degrees centigrade.

Antifreeze can improve nature of concrete mix, reduce freezing point of concrete liquid phase and promote hydration of concrete under negative temperature, so it can make concrete reach fast up to antifreezing critical temperature and guarantee quality and durability of concrete.

Technical features:
1. Light pink powder.
2. Water-reducing rate: 10-15%.
3. Strong antifreezing capability: to mixed 5%, the concrete strength at 7 days reaches 30-40% of base concrete strength at 28 days under standard maintaining. Under normal temperature, concrete strength reaches or exceeds base concrete strength at 28 days under standard maintaining.
4. There is no chloride in it, so it does not corrode reinforcing bar.

Uses: Suitable for prefabricated, pouring and prestressed concrete on industry and civil construction.

Retarding High Range Water Reducers
It has many functions to concrete for retarding, water reducing, plastification, air entraining, early strength and reinforcement etc. It can improve performance of newly-mixed and hardening concrete synthetically.

Technical features:
1. Pale yellow powder.
2. Water reducing rate: 12-25%.
3. Improving concrete flowability notably. Under fixed water-cement ratio, to mixed 2% of this agent, concrete slump constant increases above 12cm.
4. Saving cement: In a situation of keeping normal slump degree and original designed strength, using this agent can saving cement 10-20%.
5. There is no chloride in it, so it does not corrode reinforcing bar.

Uses: 1. Suitable for prefabricated and pour

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