Concrete Crushing Plant

Concrete Crushing Plant

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Concrete crusher, also known as jaw crusher for metallurgy, mining, construction, chemical, water and railway authorities, is used for various ore and rock of compressive strength below 250Mpa crushing, broken, which has characteristics of large broken ratio, uniform particle size of the finished product, low power consumption and easy maintenance.

Concrete crusher catagory:
Division of the jaw crusher models is according to the width of the feed inlet. The feed opening width of 300mm or below is a small jaw crusher, feed opening width of 300-600mm is medium-sized jaw broken, the feed inletwidth of more than 600 (including 600) is a large jaw crusher.

Concrete jaw crusher specification:
1, deep crushing chamber and no dead zone, which improve the capacity and output of the feed.
2, its crushing ratio, uniform particle size.
3, gasket-type discharge opening adjustment device, reliable and convenient, expand adjustment range, and increase the flexibility of the device.
4, the safety of the lubrication system is reliable, easy to replace parts and equipment maintenance is simple.
5, simple structure, reliable operation, low operating costs. Equipment energy: stand-alone energy-saving 15% ~ 30%, more than double the system energy.
6, the discharge opening adjustment range, to meet the requirements of different users.
7, low noise, less dust.

Concrete jaw crusher working principle:
PE, PEX series jaw crusher is based on motor power, through motor pulley, by the triangle belt and slot wheel drive eccentric shaft to make the movable jaw plate do reciprocating movement in accordance with predetermined trajectory, which will break materials that enter the crushing cavity composed of the fixed jaw plate, movable jaw plate and edge guard, and through the discharge opening of the lower part ,the finished material you want is discharged.
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