Conical Ball Mill

Conical Ball Mill

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Conical ball mill is changed from the original mill structure, so that make the body and chassis integrated, and can be placed in the base plane at one time.The main bearing adopts double-row self-aligning roller bearing, can reduce energy consumption by 30%, increase the fine particle size, processing power increased 15-20%. The discharging end of the conical body also plays another important role that is to help the crushing finished ore discharge quickly. Conical ball mill product size can be achieved as the overflow ball mill grinding.

Conical Ball Mill Strucutre Features
Conical ball mill body is composed of a short cylinder and two cones,  the short cone vertex angle of the feeding end is 120 degrees, the long cone vertex angle of the discharging end is 60 degrees.The difference of two cone vertex angle is according to the fact that the ore particle size should be gradually became smaller from by feeding to the discharging, and the ball mill grinding strength also must be accordingly designed as diminishing principles.The diameter of the ball mll gets smaller as closer to the discharge mouth, therefore,that not only change the direction of movement of the ball, but also use smaller diameter ball near the port of discharge to grind samll pellets of ore, and thus to weaken the mill watershed strength.

Conical Ball Mill Working Principle
The device is drived by outer gear, and belongs to lattice-type ball mill. The material from the feed device into the hollow shaft, spiral evenly get into the mill's first warehouse. There are ladder liner or corrugated liner in the warehouse , built with different specifications steel ball. Rotating cylinder produces a centrifugal force to carry the ball to a certain height, then fall, which thump and abrasive materials. After the material in the first position reach coarse grinding, through the single-layer diaphragm plate is sent into the second position for further grinding, the warehouse lined with flat lining. Powder products are finaly discharged through the grate plate.
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