Conical twin screw extruder

Conical twin screw extruder

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Conical twin screw extruder is a kind of highly efficient equipment for extrusion of heat-sensitive materials like PVC powder. High-speed extrusion of PP/PE tubes can also be realized by changing the barrel screw. The plastic extruder is distinguished for low cutting rate, uniform plasticizing and mixing result, high output, stable quality, wide application, and long service life. For the main motor, SCR speed regulator or variable-frequency stepless speed controller is optional. The motor features a stable output torque. In the extrusion process, the materials are not easy to get decomposed, and PVC powder can get formed directly.

With the matching molds and auxiliary parts equipped, the plastic extruding machinery is competent in directly extruding thermoplastic materials especially UPVC into plastic tubes, plates, sheets, bars, films, and profiles. The modification and pelletizing process of various plastic can also be finished with Z-SJZS series conical twin screw extruder.

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