Constant Climatic test chamber from OTS Company In China

Constant Climatic test chamber from OTS Company In China

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Introduction:Test material heat, cold, dry resistance, humidity resistance.Suitable for electronics, electrical appliances,

 Communications, instrumentation, vehicles, plastic products, metal, food, chemical,  building materials, medical, 

aerospace and other products.



XB-OTS-N80    XB-OTS-N150   XB-OTS-N225    XB-OTS-N408
Inner size

 40*50*40cm    50*60*50cm     50*75*60cm     60*85*80cm
External size  
 70*158*125cm 80*168*135cm  90*172*135    100*183*155cm
Temperature range

Humidity range

Temp humidityanalytic accuracy/ uniformity
 ±0.1°C;±0.1%R.H./ ±1.0°C;± special optional condition.

Temperature  humiditycontrol accuracy/fluctuation
   ±1.0°C;±2.0%R.H./ ±0.5°C;±2.0%R.H.

Heat/cooling time 
About 5.0°C/min;about 1.0°C/min (5~10°C/min is a special optional condition )
Inner and outer materials
 SUS#304 Stainless steel for inner chamber and Carton Advanced cold plate nano paint for outer. 

Insulation materials
 Resistant to high temp ,high density,formate chlorine,ethyl acetum foam insulation materials 
Cooling system
 Air cooling/single segment compressor(-20°C) ,air and water double segment compressor(-40°C~-70°C)
Protection devices
 Fuse switch, compressor overload switch, refrigerant high and low pressure protection switch,

 super humidity over-temperature protection switch, fuse, failure warning system

 Watching window,50mm testing hole,PL internal bulbs,partition plate,dry and wet ball gauze
 TEMI  South Korea TEMI OYO Japan's OYO Brand  optional CompressorOriginal France Tecumseh brand
 1 phase 220VAC±10% 50/60Hz & 3phhase 380VAC±10% 50/60Hz
BKD # 622293

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