Construction ceramsite production line

Construction ceramsite production line

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Construction ceramsite production equipment
The rotary kiln is the main equipment of the current production of lightweight aggregates. Ceramic sand production can be summed up as fragmentation, ingredients, grinding, granulation, calcined, preparation, finished cooling, screening, packaging and other processes. Calcination stage is very important. Cylindrical kiln level is about 3 degree angle, inclination placed in the idler. The material into the kiln from the high end of the kiln, as the kiln do a rotary motion, from height (kiln inlet) rolled to a lower (kiln head), at the same time in the kiln hood , high pressure positive blower will injecte material into the kiln, and make full combustion, the heat generated by the material physical and chemical changes, resulting in the expansion phenomenon, after cooling to achieve ceramsite.

Construction ceramsite application:
1. ceramsite concrete block
Ceramsite concrete block is using light ceramic and cement as raw materials, adopting advanced equipment and technology, through the accurate ratio, mixing, forming and conservation, to make into lightweight aggregate concrete small block.
Ceramsite block is a new product by smashing, spressing the the ceramsite that is produced by  burning at high-temperature waste rock, waste. The ceramsite block is characterized by light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, waterproof, moisture, fire performance, size is accurate, complete specifications and other characteristics. For building walls of masonry, it can significantly reduce the building weight, reduce the structural steel consumption, reduce cost, increase the use of the area, etc. to improve the ergonomics of masonry, shorten the construction period, save the mortar. The ceramsite block can be used in high-low-rise building frame structure inside and outside the infill walls, air conditioning, and cold storage insulation wall, the noise of the place sound-absorbing or sound insulation wall, firewall and other wall materials.

2. ceramsite hollow block
The ceramsite hollow block is usually used as wall materials, the benefits are as follows:
2.1 Can reduce labor intensity, save both labor and materials, and difficult to crack.
2.2 Sound insulation, good thermal insulation properties.
2.3 ceramsite hollow block wall materials is the ideal energy-saving insulation wall buiding material and can create a significant economic and social benefits for the construction of the company.
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