Container House D2 Steel sheets

Container House D2 Steel sheets

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Songshun Mould Steel
Dongda Street, Sha Tou, Dongguan, Guangdong, 523850, China
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What are details of D2 steel ?
Name	Cr12Mo1V1/AISI D2/DIN 1.2379/SKD10

1. High hardness ,good wear-resistance,high strength
2.Good machinability,good toughness,strong hardenability
3.Good size stability
4.Excellent resistance to tempering softening

Representative products  	
1. Use for make various high precision,long working life cold work mold
2. Cutting tool and measuring tool

Sizes	According to your requirments

Packing	Normal packing or according t customer's requests.

Price	The price will change according to the weight of the steel you need.
   Chemical conposition(%)
      C	   Si	            Mn	       P	        S	         Cr	   Mo         	V
 1.4-1.6	 <=0.60	 <=0.60	 <=0.030	 <=0.030	 11.0-13.0	 0.7-1.2	 0.52-1.1
Packing & deliveryhipping
Seaworthy packing;

Please note that you should contact the supplier directly about stock, payment, packaging, shipping and delivery details.
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