copper cable granulator

copper cable granulator

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Multiple Choices for Copper Recycling Machine & Copper Cable Granulator
Copper cable granulator is specialized in processing auto-wire, communication cable and other mixed copper wire and cable with diameter less than 20mm. It is combined with crusher, conveying device, dust collector, vibrating separator and PLC control panel.
WRS Copper Cable Granulator Highlights
1. WRS -400 and WRS -600 type copper cable granualtor is of combined structure, mounted on a steel base for easy portability and less land occupancy. Easy to move, place and install.
2. Equipped with PLC control system makes the whole production line of high automatic degree and safe to operate
3. WRS copper cable granulator is a complete copper recycling line with about 99.9% copper recycling rate.
4. As a professional manufacturer, Whirlston machinery can provide a more competitive price with qualified machines.
400 Type Copper Wire Granulator
1.Compact structure, less land occupancy
2.Easy to move and low energy-consumption
3.Low cost and high economic profit.
4.Suitable for small scale production.
Dimension: 2700*1900*2300mm
Voltage/Power: 220V/380/22.45KW
Daily output: 1.5-2T
600 Type Copper Wire Granulator
1.Overally combined, little land occupancy.
2.Different voltage motor of 220V and380V to meet different requirements.
3.Suitable for medium size production line.
Voltage/Power: 220V/380V/37.3 KW
Daily Output: 3-4T
800 Type Copper Wire Granulator
1.Double crushing process of both coarse and fine grinding ensures a high copper recycling rate.
2.Independent conveyor makes the whole production line more stable.
3.Suitable for large scale production scale.
Voltage/Power: 220V/380V/75.5 KW
Daily Output: 5-6T

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