Copper concentrate drying equipment

Copper concentrate drying equipment

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Copper concentrate dryer
Copper concentrate dryer is a commonly used professional machine for drying metal ore, and it has characters of high drying efficiency, high speed, continuous operating capability. For commonly used in industrial ores such as copper concentrate and hematite, it's drying effect is remarkable. Drying operations in the copper concentrate selection processes adopt copper concentrate dryer. Copper concentrate dryer is used after flotation process to dry concentrate ore in order to achieve a dry purification.

Copper ore beneficiation process
Copper ore beneficiation process is broken - milling - classification - Flotation - Selected. For rare polymetallic which contains nickel and cobalt molybdenum gold and other rare metal ores, the rougher copper concentrate should be through flotation to obtain nickel concentrate, cobalt concentrate, molybdenum concentrate, gold concentrate.

Indirect drying method of the copper concentrate dryer
Indirect drying of copper concentrate dryer is that drying medium in the drying process does not come into contact with the copper concentrate. Copper concentrate dryer is generally saturated steam as the heating medium, the thermal efficiency is much higher than direct drying, the small amount of exhaust, dust content is low, so the process is relatively simple. The copper concentrate dryer is the first dryer used to dry the copper concentrate. It consists of a multi-coil structure of the rotor and a fixed shell, copper concentrate with the rotation of the rotor to move forward. As concentrates has strong wearability , prone to coil damage, shield and scraper wear and repair work is very frequent. Under normal circumstances, copper concentrate dryer need thermalsteam check a week time. Paddle dryer is particularly suitable for drying viscous and pasty materials. Based on test, due to the paddle dryer blades self-cleaning effect, the material is basic no bonding situation, liquidity is in good condition, the moisture content and particle size can meet the industrial requirements of export products. However, due to the characteristics of the material, blade wearability and power consumption, it does not apply to large-scale installations. The steam tube rotary dryer because of its energy saving and environmental protection, a single large capacity and power consumption is low, has gradually become the preferred copper concentrate drying equipment.
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