Copper mould tube

Copper mould tube

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China copper mould tube, We professional in design and produce billet CCM(continuous casting machine)
Strand from1-8
Copper mould tubes:
(1)billet copper mould tube(60x60mm-650x650mm)
60x60, 90x90, 100x100, 110x110, 120x120, 130x130, 140x140, 150x150, 160x160, 200x200, etc.
(2)Rectangular copper mould tube:135x430 to 365x600mm
135x430, 150x180, 150x220, 130x240, 160x200, 365x600 etc.
(3)Round copper mould: (Dia 80-900mm )Dia 80 160, 210, 270, 300 etc.
Design: Single taper, double taper, multi-taper, parabolic, double parabolic etc.
Copper mould plate: CSP plate, Ftsc plate, Beam blank and build-up plate and its maintenance
Specification: from 10mmx850mm to 3600mm x1000mm
Thickness: 40mm-55mm
Material: CuAg, CuCrZr Coating: Nico, Alloy coating, Cermic coating.
Mould assembly: 120x120, 260x300, 180x400, 60x300, 120x120, dia 270 etc.
D.Z.H.-the most professional and reliable supplier of copper mould tube for continuous casting machine which has exported copper mould tubes for 10 years.
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Mould tube:

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