Copper ore beneficiation plant

Copper ore beneficiation plant

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The copper ore is extracted from copper mine, beneficiated to become copper concentrate or sand with high grade. copper concentrate has to be smelted to become refined and copper products. Types of copper ore: natural copper, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, azurite, covellite etc. Applications: copper ore is mainly used in metallurgical industry as raw.

We are professional supplier of copper ore processing equipments and able to provide the whole set of equipments in respect of customers' needs. we apply ourself to research copper ore processing technology, continually developing good cost performance products and brand new beneficiation procedure.

Copper ore crushing
vibrating feeder takes copper ore chunks evenly to jaw crusher for primary break. crushed copper ores are conveyed to cone or impact crusher for secondary break.

Copper ore processing line
0.5-5 mm iron ores are transported to the hopper and delivered by vibrating feeder, whose feeding amount can be adjusted accurately by a hand wheel. Volume of production and concentrate grade of magnetic separator can be modified by adjusting rate of rotation of tachometer of speed motor to control magnetic roller.

mineral grain within processed ores from upper magnet roller are continuously separated by the down roller for their magnetism is relatively weak. The processed mineral grain as finished products will be taken to secondary bucket and the disposed gangues are discharged through exit outlet, which ends the whole magnetic separation procedure.
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