Copper ore flotation plant

Copper ore flotation plant

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Copper ore flotation process
Copper ore flotation is generally a relatively simple process, and after a period of grinding, can achieve fineness of-200 mesh accounting for 50% to 70%, then a rough flotation, 2 or 3 times fine selected, 1 or 2 times sweep election. If copper minerals disseminated particle size is relatively small, we can consider the stage of grinding and separation joint processes. Bornite ore dressing plants mostly use the grinding and separation processes of crude concentrate regrinding - selection of stage, and its essence is mixed - differential flotation process. First by a period of rough grinding, roughing, scavenging, and then crude concentrate regrinding and then selected high-grade copper concentrate and concentrate. Coarse pulverized -200 mesh account for about 45% to 50%, then regrind, about 90% to 95% with fineness of about -200 mesh.

Copper mineral processing equipment
Copper ore dressing equipment production line consists of jaw crusher, ball mill, spiral grader, magnetic separator, flotation machine, concentrator and dryer. Cooperate to the feeder hoist, conveyors can be composed of complete mineral processing production line. The production line has high efficiency, low energy, high processing capacity and economic rationality. Copper mineral processing equipment adopts wet drum permanent magnetic separator, which is widely used in the beneficiation, coal washing, and chemical sectors, and for wet sorting of the particle size of 6-0 mm strong magnetic minerals, and mineral magnetic material and non-magnetic material two kinds of products. We also recommend XJ flotation separator to complete copper ore beneficiation process.

Copper ore flotation machine applications
The series flotation machine is suitable for non-ferrous ferrous metals, can also be used for non-metallic, such as: coal fluorite, talc sorting and widely used in the rare metal ore (lithium ore, bismuth, antimony, tantalum and niobium ore ), precious metal ore (gold, silver), non-ferrous minerals (lead, zinc, copper, molybdenum, cobalt, tungsten ore, tin, bauxite, nickel) and the black ore (magnetite, hematite ore, limonite, manganese ore, chromite, pyrite cinder), non-metallic minerals (quartz sand, fluorite ore, graphite ore, barite, rutile, mica, zircon).
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