corn gluten meal

corn gluten meal

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We are manufacturer of corn gluten meal. Our corn gluten meal have been exported to many countries for they are excellent in quality and competitive in price.
We would like to inform you the best quality products as follows:
Product Name: Corn Gluten Meal ( by product )
Country of origin: Shandong China
Product specification:
1) Protein (dry basis): min. 60%
2) Protein (wet basis): min 58.0%
3) Moisture: max. 12%
4) Fat: max. 2.0%
5) Fiber: max. 2.5%
6) Ash: max. 2%
7) Aflatoxin: max. 20ppm
8) Appearance: brown yellow free flowing granular powderAdvantage of the products: corn gluten meal, as the byproduct of maize starch, Which have two kinds,one is Granule Corn Gluten Meal, one is Powdery Con Glutem Meal . Has the function for the stock's growing and disease-resistant, It is the fine additive of stock raising and fodder industry, and can be used to draw the natural matural yellow. It contains the abundant amino acid.
Packing:The plastics weave bag,net weight 50kgs,also can provides the different packing according to customer's request.
Payment Details: Cash stock T/T or the irrevocable letter of credit
Min Order: 20 tons
If you have any demand, please inform us. Our email is
We will do our best to provide the best quality for you and hope that we can do your good supplier in China.
To know details, please visit:
If you have any question and request, please feel free to contact us.

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