CPVC Resin(Adhesive and coating type)

CPVC Resin(Adhesive and coating type)

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We produce Chlorinated polyvinylchloride resin(CPVC) RESIN FOR PIPE AND FITTINGS 
,chlorinated polyethylene(HCPE) RESIN FOR ADHESIVE AND COATING TYPE,
chlorinated polyvinyl chloride(CPE),
CPVC Aggregates,PVC aggregates.
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ADVANTAGES: 1--excellent solubility; 2-borader range of applications; 3--water resistance, better price; 4--fast drying nature;reduce the coating's cost greatly. HCPE (high chlorinated polythylene resin) 
1--best choice for insteading CPVC paiting grade 
2--excellent performance 

HCPE (high chlorinated polyethylene resin): BEST CHOICE FOR INDTEADING CPVC PAINTING GRADE RESIN! HCPE resin(coating type) is a irregular resultant after depth chlorination with the low molecular weight polyethylene (PE) . Generally the quality score of chlorine is bigger than 65%, and it is the main film-forming substances as new generation antiseptic paint.
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