CreateFun Galvanized Spring For Outdoor trampoline

CreateFun Galvanized Spring For Outdoor trampoline

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Shenzhen Createfun Industrial Development Co.Ltd
Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518100, China
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Spring Specification
5FT,6FT,7FT,8FT,10FT: Dia22xLength135x3.0x28N
12FT,13FT,14FT,15FT: Dia22xLength165x3.0x40N
Springs Feature
1.Galvanised Spring, surface is very smoothly. 100% assure quality is very very strong.
2.High Tensile and Durable.
3.Galvanised springs are stretch-resistant for the utmost bounce and long-lasting enjoyment.

4.Weather Resistant and Anti-Rust.
3.Processing, finished spring are highly strictly controlled and tested.
4.Top quality,Factory price.
BKD # 794885

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