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In 1970s, Sulphoaluminate cement is invented in China. It has early strength, high strength, high impermeability, high frost-resistance, anti-corrosion and low alkalinity etc., and it's also exclusive cement for GRC products. We are a professional special cement supplier around the world. We have several varieties.

1. Calcium sulphoaluminate cement (Low alkalinity)
Compared with other types of cements, it has obviously quick-hardening, early strength, also has low alkalinity, small expansion rate, fast stability, non-deformation on shrinkage, high retention rate of combined strength with glass fiber and long life. It is exclusive cement of GRC products.
Used for various light weight combined mould board, ventilation, European relief, various kinds of components, heavy rack, the shelf board of network and other small-scale building ornaments etc.
Packing and storage:
50kgs/bag, other packing is OK too.

2. Calcium sulphoaluminate cement (quick-hardening)
Compared with other types of cements, it has obviously quick-hardening and early strength. Especially compressive strength reaches 50-80Mpa. With the growing of curing period, the strength increase. And its frost-resistance & anti-corrosion are much better than other types of cement.
Used for confecting early strength, impermeability and sulphate-resistance concrete etc.
Used for cement products, concrete prefabricated components, GRC products and general construction work products or components.
Suitable for winter cement construction, pulp anchor, assembled geologists, solid, rush repair, gunning concrete and stop leaking etc.

3. Calcium sulphoaluminate cement (Ultra-high strength)
Base on low alkalinity & quick hardening Sulphoaluminate cements, it has quick hardening, high strength and late strength increasing continuously. It mainly meets needs of special requirements on construction and other related parent material mixing etc.
Packing & storing:
25-50kgs/bag with lining inside sealed.

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