Cuboids Vacuum Yarn Conditioning Machine

Cuboids Vacuum Yarn Conditioning Machine

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Cuboids Vacuum Yarn Conditioning Machine
Main technical parameters:
1. The cuboids vacuum conditioning machine of JM Company has same structure and control as the circular machine. The advantages of high space utilization, especially for clothes steaming and printing fixation, space utilization is more than double the circular machine.
2. Processing time: Two hours /each yarn lathe
3. Carrying capacity: Different load capacity can be designed according to customer`s require.
4. Installation capacity: 50KWh or 150KG steam
5. Adopt double evaporate empty technology, each ton of yarn with electricity about 2KWh/ton
6. Operating temperature: 50degree centigrade-120degree centigrade
7. Working pressure: -0.085-0.1MPA
8. Colorful touchable screen with PLC control system
9. Auto open& close door system (option)
Functions and features:
1. JM yarn steaming machine is mainly used for humidification and finalize the design of various yarn fiber textile industry, improve the comprehensive quality of the yarn.
2. Yarn resurgence rate increase 1.5~3%
3. Yarn breaking strength increase 15%
4. Yarn breaking elongation increase 20%
5. Reduce hairiness and fly of the tarn 20%
6. For relaxation of the yarn, reduce fine twined back 50%
7. Reduce breaking of the yarn15%
8. Increase the jet loom efficiency 2%
9. Abric cloth soft, yarn dyed yarns beforehand contraction. Dyeing uniformity
10. De-static, improving yarn back around
11. Feel downier, more neatly pressed
12. Sterilization and long placed humidity
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