Custom Casting Polyurethane Rubber Stop Pads

Custom Casting Polyurethane Rubber Stop Pads

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Polyurethane pad can be used in a number of different industries, and as the name suggests they are used to absorb shocks. They are particularly useful in machines that involve high impact operations. Using polyurethane is beneficial as the properties can be tailored to provide a high degree of shock absorption specific to the operation, and also provide durability, increasing the lifetime of the machinery it is used on, and reducing the likelihood of impact damage.

We can produce not only economic Polyurethane Pad. but also the high performance Urethane Pad and high performance ones. Besides, some of our polyurethane pad was made of special polyester, which can be use for cutting oil seal and U-packing.

Polyurethane pad that can be purchased for multiple applications such as bumpers, gaskets, reduce machine noise or vibration, or to absorb the effects of material impact. Polyurethane pads are extremely durable and will can be ordered in the following options:

Custom Polyurethane Pad available on request
Durometer : Shore 5A -98A- 75D.
Standard color: Amber, Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, Green ,Orange, White, Grey, etc
Maximum Dimensions :1000mm*4000mm, 1500mm*3000mm, 2000mm*4000mm
Tolerance: Length: +5/-0mm ,Width: +5/-0mm, Thickness: +/- 5% or +/- 0.3 mm whichever is greater
Sheets are available with metal backing, expanded metal backing, and dual durometer PU
High resistance to abrasion and impact.
Resistant to many chemical compounds.
Oil and solvent resistant.

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