Customized FRP/GRP WATER TANKS/Carbon Filter for industry

Customized FRP/GRP WATER TANKS/Carbon Filter for industry

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Shandong Rivastaircon SMC/FRP/GRP water storage tank Advantage:
1) Light weight, high strength.
2) Leak-proof /Water Tightness: Due to the material is fiberglass reinforce plastic with high density, and the sealing tape is high performance with non toxic, so it's leak-proof tank; 
3) Long lifetime, long durable time: the maximum distortion of the sidewall is less than 1 percent for the height; maximum distortion of the bottom center is less than 10mm. The normal durable lifetime is more than 30 years.
4) Corrosion resisting; anti-rusted
5.Easy to clean and maintenance management convenient, Drainage at the tank bottom can be cleaned easily and Manhole panel makes it easy to enter into the water tank inside.
6) Non-toxic, it is made from food grade resin, clean and no pollution. SMC Water Tanks satisfy relevant Food Sanitation standards. Since exterior light is completely blocked, bacteria generation and germ growths are prevented.
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