CX-8514 Paper Tape Abrasion Wear Test Machine

CX-8514 Paper Tape Abrasion Wear Test Machine

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CX-8514 Paper Tape Abrasion Wear Test Machine (Taber Abrasion Test machine)
Abrasion Wear Test Machine is applied to the wear-resisting performance tests of the surface coated plastic, mainly used for mobile phone key-press lettering, mobile cover, MPS, CD player, laptop, PDA, electrical enclosure etc. products. It conforms to the ASTM F2357-04 standard.
1.	Load capacity: 55g, 175g, 275g for selection, suitable for different levers of soft material or different test conditions. (Note: standard load capacity is 275g (no loss weight on the lever), attached 2pcs loss weight, the test load capacity can be reduced to 175g or 55g)
2.	Two fixed ways for samples, suitable for flat or 3D samples
3.	With the lamp type magnifying glass to check the abrasion results
4.	Tape( in normal test) Width 11/16", each volume can measure 1800cycles
5.	Power supply: 220V 50/60Hz
6.	Power: 10W
7.	Timer: 0~999999
8.	Size: 890x485x410mm (LxWxH)
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