Cylindrical roller bearing KOYO NU3330

Cylindrical roller bearing KOYO NU3330

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KOYO NU series and N types cylindrical roller bearing exhibit the best performance when used as free side bearings, because they can adjust to the shaft's axial movement, to a certain extent, relative to the housing position. 

Let's check the technical data sheet for KOYO bearing NU3330, 
Type: single row cylindrical roller bearing
Dimension: 150mm x 320mm x 128mm
Basic load rating: 1290Kn -1890Kn
Weight: 51.4 KGS
Origin: made in Japan 

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We summarized more part NO. of KOYO NU series cylindrical roller bearings as below, 

NU2204R	NU1005	NJ2304R	NU303R
NU2205R	NU1006	NJ2305R	NU304R
NU2206R	NU1007	NJ2306R	NU305R
NU2207R	NU1008	NJ2307R	NU306R
NU2208R	NU1009	NJ2308R	NU307R
NU2209R	NU1010	NJ2309R	NU308R
NU2210R	NU1011	NJ2310R	NU309R
NU2211R	NU1012	NJ2311R	NU310R
NU2212R	NU1013	NJ2312R	NU311R
NU2213R	NU1014	NJ2313R	NU312R
NU2214R	NU1015	NJ2314R	NU313R
NU2215R	NU1016	NJ2315R	NU314R
NU2216R	NU1017	NJ2316R	NU315R
NU2217R	NU1018	NJ2317R	NU316R
NU2218R	NU1019	NJ2318R	NU317R
NU2219R	NU1020	NJ2319R	NU318R
NU2220R	NU1021	NJ2320R	NU319R
NU2222R	NU1022	NJ2322R	NU320R
NU2224R	NU1024	NJ2324R	NU321R
NU2226R	NU1026	NJ2326R	NU322R
NU2228R	NU1028	NJ2328R	NU324R
NU2230R	NU1030	NJ2330R	NU326R
NU2232R	NU1032	NJ2332R	NU328R
NU2234R	NU1034	NJ2334R	NU330R
NU2236R	NU1036	NJ2336R	NU332R
NU2238R	NU1038	NJ2338R	NU406
NU2240R	NU1040	NJ2340R	NU407
NU2244R	NU1044	NJ2344R	NU408
NU2248R	NU1048	NJ2348R	NU409
NU2252R	NU1052	NJ2352R	NU410
NU2256R	NU1056	NJ2356R	NU411
NU2260R	NU1060	NJ2360R	NU412
NU2264R	NU1064	NJ2364R	NU413
NU2268R	NU1068	NJ2368R	NU414
NU2272R	NU1072	NJ2372R	NU415
NU2276R	NU1076	NJ2376R	NU416
NU2280R	NU1080	NJ2380R	NU417
NU2284R	NU1084	NJ2384R	NU418
NU2288R	NU1088	NJ2388R	NU419
NU2292R	NU1092	NJ2392R	NU420
NU424	NU1096	NU428	NU421
NU426		NU430	NU422

Yakang Bearing Supplies mostly deal with KOYO single row cylindrical roller bearings, what's more, we can also supply double row NN type, NNU types and four row bearing etc. Welcome to contact us.
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