dc motors

dc motors

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Design Features	
Bearing System:Sleeve bearing & Ball bearing	
Impeller: 	Plastic with fiber glass filled UL 94V-0
Housing: Plastic with fiber glass filled UL 94V-0
Connecting: Wire leads	
Allowable Ambient Temperature Range:	
-10C~+70C(Operation) -40C~+70C(Storage) 
Listed Model	Bearing      Voltage (V)               Startup Vo. (VDC)	  Speed  (RPM)            Current (A)             	                                                   
HTM25-12	 S/D	        12	                      6.0 	                                  8000	                      0.11
HTM38-20	 S/D	        12	                      6.0	                                  4000	                      0.09
HTM38-20	S/D	        24	                    12.0	                                  4000                       0.10
HTM68-30	S/D	        12	                      6.0	                                  5500	                      0.41
HTM68-30	S/D	        24	                     12.0	                                  5500                       0.27
BKD # 622092

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