DecFuse DEC36 splicing machine fujikura

DecFuse DEC36 splicing machine fujikura

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-Equal to Fujikura 60s, Sumitomo 39
-8s splicing
-Fiber cleaver included
-Type:Optical Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine

-High-resolution true color 5.7 inch LCD display
-advanced core to core fiber profile alignment system(PAS)
-Real time calibrating system ,parameter neednt be adjusted
-X/Y axes were displayed meanwhile, Magnification up to 304 times
-8 seconds splicing time, 30 seconds Heat-Shrinking
-Battery capacity was display in real time, precisely
-Built-in high capacity battery, support 220 times splicing and heating, to meet one days work
-Long Electrode Lifetime, up to 4000 times
-The new wind-cover design, enhance the ability to prevent the dust & wind, Max. wind velocity of 15m/s
-Three Splicing modes: auto, half-auto, manual
-Built-in super high-brightness LED supply convenience for night work
-Auto calculate splicing loss
-Small bulk and light weight, only 2.8kg include battery
-4000 results Storage
-USB data interface &VGA
-One button operation to finish results download or software update
-Close shield splice automatically, Close heater lid heat automatically
-One year Warranty

Why Purchase from us
1. Equal to Fujikura FSM-60s, Sumitomo Type-39
2. First Manufacture in China
3. Fastest splicing (8 second) in the world
4. One year warranty
5. 3 days delivery + low shipping cost by air

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