Decoloring Oil Purifier

Decoloring Oil Purifier

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This product is mainly used for regeneration of varied lubrication oils (hydraulic oil, gear oil, compressor oil, refrigerating machine oil, etc.) 
1. Purely physical purification method is used for deep de-coloration and decontamination. 
2. It strongly improves the situation of seriously emulsified oil.
3. Stirring and washing filter elements by air pressure ensures no oil remaining in the off-scum. 
4. It can extent the service life of oil and protect the oil using equipment.
5. All indexes of purified oil meet the related national oil standard.
6. The purifier integrates de-coloration, dehydration and removal of impurities together, available to purify in single or multiple ways according to different requirements for the oil.
BKD # 622012

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