Dental chair(LD-C280)

Dental chair(LD-C280)

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Leident dental chair&unit


LD-C280 computerized integrated dental treatment unit features ergonomic design and stylish appearance, suiting the needs of hospital and clinics at all levels and scales. The driving system is a combination of the DC permanent-magnetic motor and air-driven spring, with low-noise, stableness, and reliable performance. Controlled by 24V low-voltage computer, the operation system has the function of auto reset and expectoration location memory,the automatic constant temperature gargle water system owns the timing and ration function. The convenient operation remarkably enhances the working efficiency. All circuitries of controllable part adopt the soft design. The multifunctional head pillow can be adjusted to any angle freely. The switch between distilled water and tap water can be automatically achieved to assist the doctor. The protective system of the third class water heater is no risk at all under the heater working; the ultra-low chair level can suit various clinical needs in a better way. The interlock of the chair offers the unit with more safety and reliability. Water suction and vacuum suction automatic time-delayed system has drainage function by itself, which enhance the sanitation requirement. The induction system of the rinse and cleaning the spittoon make the patient enjoy more comfort,tendance; The tube of handpiece imported from United States ensures that the handpiece has reliable performance; The crust is made from imported abs compound material, which features easy cleaning and sterilization ability, no distortion and depigmentation. The holder of dental unit is made up of cast steel, which owns more obdurability,stabilization,endurance; the equipment is easy to be operated , and is equipped with a single forming cushion with seamless sheathing and various color options, which contributes to achieve a ideal,harmonious,kindly clinical environment.

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