derip-dery soap box as advertisement, promotional gifts

derip-dery soap box as advertisement, promotional gifts

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Sub.: Drip-Dry Soap Box (Multinational Patent Right) as Advertisement, Promotional GIFT
The most soap, which to put on normal soap box after be used, it always not easy to dry in the soap dishes / box by air or wind, and to cause the soap in damp and corrosion so that the soap became muddily and can not suffer it.
Our company to focus on above defects for the normal soap box, to research and developed in successfully and obtained multinational patent right of the innovation product: SOAP DAMP-PROOF MAT. It is made of TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), do not imbued with soap and good to let air through. To put a used and damp soap on the convex of Soap Damp-proof Mat in order to reduce the contact area, and by means of ventilation hole of the Soap Damp-proof Mat, to result in prompt drip-dry soap.

1) Stand-type soap box, Wall-type soap box and Wall-type with Twin-chute soap box.
2) Colors: Pink, Sky Blue and off-white.

1) Be able to drip-dry on surface of soap in promptly. Its drip-dry time, to compare with the normal soap box which was shortening for more than a double.
2) Keep soap dry, prevent germs reproduction.
3) Soap Damp-proof Mat is made of TPR material, non-poison and soft.

Marketability: suitable in the markets of Domestic Hardware, Department Stores, Supermarket, Chain Stores, Bath Facilities, Household Cleaner, Advertisement, Promotional GIFT, Our most customers who almost are agreed and accepted our suggestion to purchase the alternative product - Drip-dry Soap Box as their promotional, advertisement GIFTs, the item is a household gods, unique merchandise, practical use and low cost, which very suitable the line of advertisement, promotion, and give away product, etc.

NOTE: We are also producing the Sauna Heating Panel, Bio Eye Mask, Heating Pad, Turning Type Vegetable Shredder, Serrated Peelers, Cooked Rice Former, Beach Chairs, etc.

We are looking for export opportunities in your territories as your esteemed organization dealing in same area. Anticipate your interest & favor, we assure international quality std. & consistent supply. Do not hesitate to contact us and let this opportunity pass you by. Hope you will reply earliest.

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