Desktop Mini CNC Engraving Machine  FASTCUT-4040

Desktop Mini CNC Engraving Machine FASTCUT-4040

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The series of products adopt high strength body design, which deformation cannot be caused for long time use. These machines can keep good processing accuracy and have the advantages of easy-operated maintenance and low failure rate.

The machines are quipped with advanced CNC processing systems which are powerful and can receive date through U disk or network.

Software system is compatible with CAD / CAM design software such as TYPE3, Artcam, carved JD, Wentai carving, UG, Master CAM, Power Mill and so on, with wide applicability.

The equipment is equipped with high-accuracy rail guide way which is stable operation and high precision and can effectively prolong service life of the equipment. The Z-axis of the equipment is imported industrial-grade ball screw, accurate positioning. Z axis adopts imported industrial-level ball screw with accuracy positioning. The equipment is equipped with percussive-decelerated rotating axis which makes object rotate without zero clearance.

Product applications:
This machine model is applicable for engraving of cylindrical objects, such as tube-type engraving, relief engraving, three-dimensional sculpture, cylinder engraving. Raw materials can be cylindrical objects or ordinary square materials.

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