Diamond Combination Bench Stone (T0831D)

Diamond Combination Bench Stone (T0831D)

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1.Double-side diamond(360#/600#)
2.Oval hole design
3. Clear plastic cover protects the stone

Diamond Combination Bench Stone (T0831D)

Product Features:

1.Excellent sharpening performance.

2. Double sided diamond design as 360Grit for coarse sharpening & 600Grit for fine honing.

3.Clear plastic cover protects the stone, molded plastic base with non-slip feet for safety.

4.Oval hole design to collect and hold metal chippings.

Operation Instructions:

1. Place the stone on a non-slip worktop and make sure the surface is flat.

2. Complete one or both of the following steps depending on how blunt the blades is.

Step1, for coarse sharpening: Used to repair badly damaged blade, suitable for a blunter knife. Start by using the coarse 360 grit of the stone, move the blade back and forth over the stone atan angle of 10 - 30 ° by using light pressure. Generally sharpen the tools with coarse stage every six months or as required.

Step 2, for fine honing; always finish off with this step to remove any burrs that result from the re-edging and rough honing process. Using the 600 grit of the stone, move the blade back and forth over the stone at an angle of 10 -30 ° by using gentle pressure. It is recommended to do it approximately once a week.

3. Clean the knife with the water or wiper and dry it after use and clean the knife sharpener with banister brush.

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