Diesel Flat Feed Pellet Mill

Diesel Flat Feed Pellet Mill

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Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill Application

1.Diesel flat die feed pellet mill is especially applicable to the owners of small feed-processing factory and farm-holders to process the feed for rabbits,chicken,pig,sheep and so on.
2.With diesel flat die pellet mill you can make bedding pellets for animal stalls from cardboard.

Pellet-making Procedure With Diesel Pellet Mill

1.Raw materials need to be crushed and dried.
2.Then mix the main material and many other subsidiary materials evenly
3.Put the grain powder into the chamber,then the roller presses the powder through the holes in the die pellets meanwhile a cutter in the other side of the die cuts the pellets that has been pressed out from the holes.
4.Make sure the pellets are cooled before the storage.

Tips and Warning While Using a Diesel Flat Die Feed Pellet Mill

1.Please carefully read the operation instruction and follow the technicians professional guidance before start running
2.Check the easy-wear parts and other components regularly to ensure normal operation
3.Avoid overloading production to guarantee a long service life of the equipment

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