Digital Textile Belt Printer

Digital Textile Belt Printer

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Digital Textile Belt Printer
55 sqm/h 360*720dpi
35sqm/h 360*1080dpi
27sqm/h 720*720dpi
New inkjet control system
Support 2 kinds of variable dots size setting; higher ink covering volume per unit; higher production capacity.
2 pcs DX5 heads
The printing speed is 3 times of the single head printer.
1.6m / 1.8m / 2.6m / 3.2m width optional
It can match the request of width on fashion and home textile application.
Professional textile belt carrier system
It can carry the textile fabric without tension, suit for both of the stretchable and un-stretchable fabric.
Support various textile dye inks, suit for different types of fabric
Support Reactive inks, can print on silk, cotton, linen, wool fabrics.
Support Acid inks, can print on silk, wool fabrics.
Support Pigment inks, can print on various fabrics without pre-treatment on fabric.
Support Disperse inks, can print on polyester fabric.
4 or 8 colors ink available
Really support CMYK+ 4 special colors printing, be able to get wider color gamut.
Auto belt washing & drying unit
Be able to keep the belt clean and dry during continue printing.
2 sets of fabric drying unit
Be able to dry the fabric completely after printing, avoiding color blur.
No need to make plate, suitable for sampling and small lots production
Printer including Wasatch TX RIP
Technical Parameter 1.6m
Print head type 2 pcs DX5 in 2 rows
Height adjustable 0-20mm adjustable
Printing mode 360dpi/540dpi/720dpi/1080dpi optional
2pass/3pass/4pass optional
2 sets of variable ink dot size optional
RIP Software Wasatch TX
Max. printing width/Max. media width 1600mm/1630mm
Fabric type Weave or knit cotton, flax, silk, polyester, cashmere, towel ect.
Color types 4 or 8 colors optional
Ink type Reactive, acid, disperse, pigment
Ink Color C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, Orange, Grey
Power consumption Printing stand by 1000W
heating 2 sets 6200W
Power Single AC + ground 220V±10%
printing system 10A, heating system 20A 50HZ
Working environment Temperature 23~30ºC
Humidity 35~65%Rh(not to freeze)
Dimension (L*W*H) 2800*1800*1450mm
Net weight 1200kgs

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