Din Standard Plastic Instrument Cases

Din Standard Plastic Instrument Cases

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This family of Plastic instrument cases is molded in ABS plastic in one piece. These are suitable for Panel Flush mounting Analog and Digital Instruments & few are suitable for Table Top as well as plug in module. Case available with cassette, which provides mounting facilities for inside assembly as well as for front and back components. The cassette for all cases is very versatile frame assembly. The front panel plate and back plate of cassette are of plastic material hence cut out requires for mounting components like Display, Potentiometer, Thumb wheel switch or at back Terminal strip etc. can simply be punched or drilled. The Front Plates are also available with few standard cut outs. Back plate is available in plain type and with in built molded Terminal type with option of solder able terminal connector or direct pcb insertion type connectors. The two plastic front & back plates are joined by either one Metal Base plate and two Metal drilled angels, Which offers mounting facilities for PCBs, Relays, Transformers, etc. or Directly by full length pcb in case of Back plate with pcb insertion type connectors. The entire cassette when slides into the case is secured by means of screws at rear.
( 1 ) IC - 110 : 96 x 96 x 110 mm , ( 2 ) IC - 150 : 96 x 96 x 150 mm
( 3 ) IC - 148 : 96 x 48 x 110 mm, ( 4 ) IC - 048 : 96 x 48 x 150 mm
( 5 ) IC - 072 : 72 x 72 x 110 mm, ( 6 ) IC - 192 : 96 x 192 x 200 mm
( 7 ) IC - 248 : 48 x 48 x 90 mm

Typical applications of Cases: Temperature controller, Temp. Indicator, Multipoint temp Indicator, Digital Timers, Ph.meter, Digital counters, Frequency counters, D. P. M., etc.
BKD # 155

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