Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Line

Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Line

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Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Machine, PU Sandwich Panel Line

Machine Summary:

1.. Discontinuous polyurethane sandwich panel line, with the processing polyurethane foaming that injected into panel and solidified, can simultaneously be in load and unload working, so calledtwo in and two out. It has the features of the smaller figure and cheaper than continuous line and it is suitable for building refrigerator house and other small constructions. 

2. Discontinuous PU Sandwich Panel Machine is mainly made up of decoiler, filming device, measuring unit, conveying steel plate unit, forming machine, workable, heating / refrigeration unit etc It can produce wall panel, roof panel and refrigeration panel.

3. Technical Parameters:

Length of panel: 1.2m ( length to be custom-made )
Width of color steel panel: 500-1200m
Speed of Production line: 6m/min ( frequency conversion to adjust speed )

Peak pressure: 200 T

Hydraulic Power: 15 kw

Heat power: 65 kw

Movement Power: 0.3 kw x 4

Obliquity of main engine: 0-15 degaree

Length of belt laminator: about 24m

Total electrical capacity: about 150-200 kw

The Length of the production line: about 60-80m

Total Weight: about 90-110 Ton

4. Character

1) High quality, beautiful and applicable

2) Using the roll forming machine to form the wall and roof panel profile

3) It is in lower cost than our continuous PU Sandwich panel Machine Line

4) Strictly control the PU foaming and solidification in suitable range
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