Distribution Board-Heavy Duty

Distribution Board-Heavy Duty

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Surface & Flush mounting Distribution Boards (DBs) for all types of Electrical Installations.

Epoxy Polyester Powder coated to textured Light Grey. (RAL 7032)

Ingress Protection 65 (IP 65) as per IEC 529.

Heavy Duty Distribution Boards Consists of Cabin, Gland plate/s with Neoprene gasket/s, Mounting Rails, DIN rails, Front Plates & Steel door.

DIN rail unit can be removed from the cabin to facilitate faster wiring.

Collar frames of Flush Mounting Distribution Board are removable for easy  transportation and stocking.

Terminal section is covered by a separate front plate.

Neoprene gasket on door to prevent dust & water. (To maintain the IP rating) IP 65 protection.

Concealed Hinge, door opens 120 degrees.

Provision to fix door left or right hand side.

Earth stud on door & cabin for earthing.

Recessed back plate.

Mounting plate for MCCB can be adjustable in depth to accommodate different brands of MCCBs.

Front plate is supplied as one plate. Modular separate front plates are available on request.

Neutral & Earth links are supplied.

Recessed gland plate.

Back Embossed with a rib for extra strength.

Gland plate is fixed with Copper studs. No screws are penetrated outside.(To maintain the IP rating)

Openings are covered with plastic plugs.(To maintain the IP rating)

Distribution Board are supplied with steel front door, Glass front door is available on request.

Door lock is IEC lock with common key. Other lock options are available on request.

Single Row 	1x15 ways

Single Row 	1x18 ways

Two Row 	                2x15 ways

Two Row 	                2x18 ways

Three Row 	3x15 ways

Three Row 	3x18 ways

Four Row 	                4x15 ways

Four Row 	                4x18 ways

MCCB+Three Row 	MCCB+3x15 ways 

MCCB+Three Row 	MCCB+3x18 ways
BKD # 205562

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